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Jump’n is not just an app, It’s a hub for everyone who cherishes the joy of movement and the passion of running.

Discovering local running groups that match your pace and passion is a breeze with Jump'n.
And if you can't find the perfect fit, why not take the lead and create your own group?

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Find All The Groups Around You

Jump'n is your key to local sports groups. Whether you're an avid runner, cyclist, or simply love staying active and social, we've got your back.

Access group information, make selections, and join activities effortlessly. Be a part of our vibrant community in London, Amsterdam, and Brussels and share the joy of movement!

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Create your own group with Jump'n!

Jump'n empowers you to establish your own running group, unlocking a world of opportunities.

You'll gain access to the broader running community, create a group chat for communication and motivation, and showcase your workouts, including exclusive offers for your members.

It's a chance to build a thriving community and inspire others through your journey.

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